Hire luxury car with a click, the model is guaranteed!

Do you want to rent a luxury car? Vroomerz is the world’s first luxury car rental platform where you can easily compare real cars and book your favorite one in just few clicks. 
You are finally free to hire the car that better suit your needs without waiting for the quotation and the availability check. 
Vroomerz selects for you the most beautiful cars truly available in each destination. Simply enter where you want to go, your desired dates, the model or the category of the cars and our search engine will compare the best opportunities among the wide network of our selected Partners:
it could not be simpler to book your unique luxurious driving experience.

Door to door delivery and drop-off service

Vroomerz makes possible to check in real time for availability and price of your rental and in just few click allows to compare the offers from more than 100 Providers all over the Europe: get ready to have an unmatched front end user experience.
The only thing you are asked to do is to enter your main search settings as location and date, that’s it! 
Once Vroomerz searched your car, you can easily filter and customize the results in order to find exactly the car you need, in the place and in the date desired. To help you make that, you have access to a lot of search tools that include features like brand, categories, transmission, drive, seats, color and fuel type.
You just have to start…  

Real Cars personally verified

Vroomerz posts only those offers that come from certified and verified Partners, all available cars must be formally approved by a team of experts before being published. In the website are indicated all the information that can help you finding the service that better suit your needs, all the cars are fully described and accompanied by their real photos, that is something completely new for this market. 

Among many others, the following features are directly disclosed on the website:
-    Model Year
-    Technical details
-    Optional
-    Partner rating

Vroomerz constantly check the performances of its Partners and collect the real feedback from the final Customers in order to maintain the best level of service. 

Real Time availability and booking

As its main strength, Vroomerz guarantee that selecting a specific vehicle model when making your booking online, you'll receive that exact vehicle at the pick-up, you can rest assured you'll get precisely what you were expecting!  
The common offers of hire cars available online always refer to a category, or rental class defined by general characteristics of the vehicles, instead with Vroomerz the model you choose is guaranteed.
Vroomerz enables the freedom to choose exactly where and when would you like have your car, it can be indifferently an airport, a luxury hotel or a private villa, it doesn’t matter we will deliver and collect your car according to your desires.

Best value for your money

Vroomerz offers an amazing fleet of personally verified luxury cars, enables to check in real time the availability and allows to make the booking immediately, a bespoke luxury service exactly fitted for you. These key factors add up to a competitive advantage giving the best value for your money.
Vroomerz makes the luxury car rental booking easier than never before, in few clicks you can find your ideal car at the best price with the help of the Europe’s largest luxury car rental search engine. 
Besides the wide choice of our top-end services you will find transparent prices and a very favorable cancellation policy, that will provide the most cost effective way to get  your best driving experience.